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About 3D Resin Floors

Seamless 3D resin flooring in living room, bedroom, restaurants, bars, villas, and more can turn any room from ordinary to magical. There are no joins and edges,  just 3D, natural resin floors adding beauty all around your home. There are endless possibilities, from creating a mix of colors to inserting real images or objects right in your floor.

The aesthetical effects are impressed by hand in a wide range of colors – bright, matte, or satin finishes with a medium thickness of 2-3 mm. Not only does the floor look good, but it offers features like resistance to wear and foot traffic, as well as being easily cleaned. These floors are suitable for residences, offices, and showrooms.

Promix® | 3D Resin Floor merges beauty with continuous high quality, seamless resin flooring. It overcomes the dimensional limit, creating a beautiful combination of space and aesthetic. The surface is now stretched in one monolith, which has a unique appeal and a mix of natural colors.

Promix® uses the qualities of the resins and applies them to the flooring, making new use of this material in every different space. The philosophy of our brand is to go beyond the simple idea of resin floor as we know it.

Promix® is the best option on the market, thanks to its peculiar features, such as its quality, strength, and lifespan combined with the great beauty of material itself.

Promix®is committed to sustainability, and we’re proud that our 3D flooring can help contribute toward obtaining LEED certification on your project. By choosing our 3D epoxy floor and other resinous systems for your concrete floors, you can earn points toward your U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification that can make all the difference.

Promix® | 3D surfaces for resin floors and coatings are obtained with mixed techniques and variously assorted inserted decorations.

The aesthetical effects are impressed by hand, in a wide range of colors – bright, matte, satin finish. Medium thickness 2-3 mm. Features include resistance to wear and foot traffic and easy cleaning. Suitable for residences, offices, and showrooms.

Unlimited Colors
Thickness 2/3 mm
Installation Time

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Professional Application

Our 3D resin flooring systems are made with the highest quality resins and catalysts, aggregate blends, and optional decorative elements to ensure superior performance and aesthetics.

The safe application of epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings requires a prepared concrete substrate and proper ventilation. Promix® network of approved local installers ensures that your epoxy or polyurethane coating is installed safely and properly, giving you the high performance value you deserve.


  • TDS (Technical Data Sheet)
  • SDS (Security Data Sheet)
  • TDS (Technical Data Sheet)
  • SDS (Security Data Sheet)

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