Multilayer Resin Floor Systems

Industrial multilayer flooring epoxy resin with good resistance to blows, abrasion, and dust. Our material is slip-proof, suitable for medium to heavy wheeled vehicles, and waterproof to oils and liquids that are not particularly aggressive. In case of aggressive liquids, it is recommended to use a polyurethane sealer.

1-4 mm thick.

Moderately uniform with no cavitations or cracking; Can have a rough or smooth finish.

Intended Use:
Floors used heavily by vehicular means and hoisting vehicles. These floors are also suited for environments used for food storage and processing, as this coating is very easy to clean. Also available is our chemical-resistant versions, suitable for corrosive material production and storage departments; versions with ceramic-plated quartz and high elasticity, re-qualification of old tiled floors etc.




Industrial Resin Flooring

Our Multilayer Resin Floors Offer:

  • Exceptional chemical and solvent resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Slight correction of support level
  • Variety of skid resistance options
  • Resistant to Skydrol, jet fuel, grease, oil, and rubber tire stains
  • Variety of stock and custom colors available
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive epoxy floor coatings
  • Epoxy/silica aggregate broadcast, slurry and mortar floors
  • Water-based epoxy primer and sealer
  • Colored quartz blend and epoxy broadcast and troweled flooring


Epoxy multi layer system

Preparing the surface by grinding / sanding and vacuum.

1. Application by trowel of first layer Promix EC

2. Application by trowel of second layer Promix EC

3. Application by roller of Promix EPC

urethane promix

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