Urethane Concrete Protection

When you need your flooring to have some of the best chemical, stain, and abrasion resistance available, our urethane floor coating systems are the answer. With our high performance topcoat, the array of unique benefits offered by our thin film urethanes is hard to beat.

Formulated to withstand the damaging effects of harsh solvents and chemicals, our thin film urethanes provides lasting protection against a wide variety of problematic substances without compromising aesthetics.




polished concrete

Our Urethane Floor Coatings Offer:

  • Exceptional chemical and solvent resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Variety of skid resistance options
  • High gloss, light reflective, or low glare satin finishes
  • Non-yellowing and color stable
  • Betadine stain resistance available
  • Resistant to Skydrol, jet fuel, grease, oil, and rubber tire stains
  • Variety of stock and custom colors available

Professional Application

The safe application of urethane floor coatings requires a prepared concrete substrate and proper ventilation. Promix® network of approved local installers ensures that your thin film urethane topcoat is installed safely and properly, giving you the high performance value you deserve.

polished concrete


Concrete urethane sealer

Preparing the surface by sanding and vacuum.

1. Application by roller of first layer T500

2. Application by roller of second layer T500

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